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Certification seems to be the talk of the coaching profession. There has never been a more talked about topic it the profession. Do you need certification, is one certification better then the other, do you need certification to be successful and the list goes on and on.

The truth is, certification is very important for some coaches and not important to others. Here are the facts.

To become a Life Coach in the United States, you do not need to be certified. Some coaching organizations are pushing for our profession to become a self regulated profession, which ultimately means everyone will need to be certified. The same thing is happening in other professions, like Massage Therapy.

Usually one professional organization attempts to claim they are the "regulating body" for the profession and then they start contacting lawmakers, requesting that new laws be created to require certification through their organization. This gives one professional organization an advantage over other organizations and allows them tremendous power in shaping and controlling the profession.

Currently that has not taken place in our profession. The best solution is for several coaching organizations to exist, allowing coaches a choice and a vote, similar to the different political parties.

Most highly successful coaches and coaches who started when the profession was in its infancy, are not certified. Most new coaches today seem to feel certification will be their ticket to success, or the missing link to their success.

As Life Coach College, we strongly suggest students take the required coach training, then join a coaching organization and eventually apply for certification. With the new 60 hour coach specific training course, students will be allowed to apply for certification at all 3 professional coaching organizations, the US Life Coach Association, the ICF and the IAC. Each organization has a different philosophy and different requirements, but all three believe in a strong code of conduct, code of ethics and strict coaching standards.

The US Life Coach Association will certify graduates of Life Coach College for $295. We believe coaching certification is a great addition to any professional coaches credentials, but we strongly remind our students that a coaching certification alone will not be your ticket to success.

If you are looking for a complete package, coach training, certification, marketing assistance after you graduate, there is only one school to consider and that is Life Coach College.

For more information, please call Life Coach College at 800-841-8776.

Upon Graduation at Life Coach College, you will receive a diploma as a Life Coach or Business Coach, depending on your course of study.

You may apply to be Registered with the US Life Coach Association. This is more of a marketing approach than a academic approach. The fee is $100 and you will be listed in a national registry allowing potential clients to verify your information or references.

Starting in 2012, Life Coach College is proud to announce the new Board Certified Coaching certification. This will quickly become the new standard in Life Coaching. The applicant will provide his or her credentials as well as coaching experience to a board or panel. This will assure the general public that your coaching was reviewed by members of the coaching community. The cost to be Board Certified is $ 495 and is available to graduates of Life Coach College as well as several other well known schools. This is a continuing education program.

Starting in 2012, you will be able to view Board Certified Life Coaches at

Board Certified Life Coach

Board Certified Coach

The USLCA currently offers 3 levels of certification and the fee is $295.

Certified Life Coach

Certified Life Coach

Professional Life Coach

Professional Life Coach

Master Life Coach

Master Life Coach



Jeff Wasserman Life Coach College

Meet the President and Founder of Life Coach College

My name is Jeff Wasserman and I am the founder and president of Life Coach College. I have been in the self-help, personal growth and Life Coaching field for most of my life. I am also a licensed Massage Therapist, Reflexologist and Advanced Myoskeletal Therapist.

After receiving requests from hundreds of Life Coaches in the US asking for help in building their Life Coach practice, I saw the need for a coach training program that teaches more than coaching theory. Most of the coaches who contacted me wanted to know my strategy or secret.

There is no secret, you just have to live coaching, not just learn the theory. I started Life Coach College with the philosophy that we live coaching, we don't teach coaching theory. The first class was held in February 2003.

Life Coach Radio

Jeff Wasserman, the founder of Life Coach College hosts a weekly radio show, Life Coach Radio Show available on ITunes or visit

Jeff is creating a coaching movement that is going to be the talk of the profession. Jeff is dedicating his time and resources to promote Life Coaching. He is not promoting his own coaching practice, he is promoting all Life and Business Coaches.

Jeff believes that the coaching profession needs a leader, a visionary, a voice. Jeff has given hundreds of interviews to the media. Jeff has been nicknamed "The Voice of Life Coaching" or as they call him at the radio shows, "The Life Coach Guy."


There are several coaching organizations in the world. Some focus on specific states or specialties, others focus on the international coaching profession. While others focus only on Life Coaches who attended a specific school or training program.

The US Life Coach Association is open to all Life and & Business Coaches. We look to include all coaches, not exclude coaches.

The USLCA is primarily centered around promoting the coaching profession as a whole and marketing for your business. We help bring coaches and clients together.


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